Find out what people are saying about their experience with John DeShaw as their guide through the maze of medicare!

After spending hours trying to navigate the Medicare maze I found John DeShaw and what a find he is. At every possible level, John came through. His knowledge, efficiency, communication skills, and reliability to see the process through to the end and beyond made all the difference for me, I am wholeheartedly recommending John to anyone seeking help with Medicare. Thank you so much John for doing such an excellent job.”

– Doug

“Working with John was exactly what we needed.  He is smart, knowledgeable, and knows how to get this complicated program out of the dark.  He is always available to answer our questions and replies to emails quickly.  John knows what he is doing and saved us tons of time and frustration. Thank you, John.” -Pam

“John, You have been very responsive to all my calls and questions. Giving me all the information I have needed to make the best decisions.  I was referred to you when I was first starting my retirement and it has been smooth sailing since that first call.  I have referred several of my friends.  You always respond to me in a very timely manner.  It’s so nice to have your very own specialist with any Medicare questions and believe me there are many.” -Judy

“John DeShaw has been super great to work with getting my Medicare insurances and has saved me a lot of money from previous coverages. I appreciate his efforts to help me out. It means a lot.” -Nori

“I want to thank John Deshaw for efficiently and clearly telling me all the options and benefits to the Medicare supplemental program that I chose. John was totally available any time I had a question by phone or online as well as in person I can’t say enough about the quality that John provided for me!” -Bob

“A friend referred John as I was feeling overwhelmed with the amount of advertisement I was receiving. John patiently walked me thru the many advertisements and explained each one and my options. He provided Zoom meetings, which were short and full of the information I was looking for. Success. We found a plan that worked best for me and my current health needs. Thank you.” -Valoree

“I first experienced John’s level of professional service when I was visiting from a different county and he helped my brother find a Medicare plan that provided better medical coverage and had extra benefits he wasn’t getting with his current provider. Later when I qualified to change from my previous employer’s plan,  John coached me through all the details for a smooth transition into a great plan choice for my needs and it has been great. I am spending far less than I was with better coverage and added benefits I didn’t have. We are very pleased & will be going to him for reviews & advice for years to come.“ -Jose and Raymond

“After 45 years working in life and health insurance, my group health insurance was finally ending.  Incredibly, my wife & I had made it to Medicare.  Even though I had years of health insurance experience, I contacted the two brokers in whom I had complete trust for their advice.  They referred me to their Medicare expert, John DeShaw.  They confirmed my trust in them.  John DeShaw is professional, personable, and has an incredibly fluent understanding of the Medicare market in Sacramento.  After taking the time to meet with my wife and I and learn about our specific needs, John identified the Medicare Advantage plans that best addressed what he had learned about us.  John led us through the enrollment process and our health insurance coverage has seamlessly transitioned.  I thought that with my years of insurance experience I could navigate the Medicare process on my own.  John’s understanding of the marketplace made me realize that I needed someone with his expertise.  I will be referring my family and my closest friends to John to assist them with their Medicare needs. “ -Mark