With so much misinformation and confusion about Medicare and the overwhelming onslaught of advertising focused on “selling” to those eligible for Medicare, John loves being known as quite the opposite, a compassionate, caring man with a consultative, advisor style. A financial advisor with 17 years of experience, John is passionate about helping people find the best answers for their unique situation. He believes a Medicare plan choice does not have a “one size fits all” solution but rather requires someone to make the “Medicare maze” simple to understand and as an independent broker, he has multiple alternatives to offer, leaving the selection to you based on your personal healthcare needs, budget and what plans are available where you live. He also provides annual reviews so that as your healthcare needs change as do the Medicare plans available to you year after year, you can have peace of mind, confident that you will never be alone again in this decision, but that you have a resource who is motivated to keep helping you navigate the maze of Medicare.  

John has a Bachelor degree from Kent State University in Ohio, is licensed as an investment advisor representative, has met the annual requirements set by the American Health Insurance Professionals, allowing him to discuss the federal Medicare program and offer both Medicare Advantage Plans as well as Medicare Supplement plans. As an independent insurance broker he is contracted and appointed with several of the most popular providers of these plans in California and other states. 

“After spending hours trying to navigate the Medicare maze I found John DeShaw and what a find he is. At every possible level, John came through. His knowledge, efficiency, communication skills, and reliability to see the process through to the end and beyond made all the difference for me, I am wholeheartedly recommending John to anyone seeking help with Medicare. Thank you so much John for doing such an excellent job.”